Step one – Client Brief

Let’s understand our goals and values so that our partnership can proceed smoothly and effectively. By utilizing our previous projects (or your own examples), indicate which ones resonate with you the most and inspire you. It’s crucial for us to understand your style and preferences. Once we have a vision of your photographic project in our minds, we discuss its details such as deadline, timing, and location of execution. At the end of this preparatory stage, we sign a contract. It’s our commitment to realizing your vision with the highest level of professionalism and attention to every detail. At Bind up Photo, we prioritize transparency and clear cooperation guidelines, ensuring comfort and successful realization on both sides.

Step two – Execution of the Photographic Project

Here our professionalism, experience, and passion for photography come together to transform your vision into reality. At this moment we create small masterpieces that will later shine on your social media, in press releases, or on advertising banners. Coordination with the team, including the photographer, makeup artist, stylist, or assistants, is crucial to ensure smooth execution of the photo session or photographic service. We work closely with you to ensure that everything aligns with your expectations. During the photo session, we utilize the latest equipment and photographic techniques. Our photographers are trained in various styles of photography, allowing us to adapt to the diverse needs of our clients. It’s important for us that you feel part of the creative process. During the session, we gladly consider your suggestions and ideas. Throughout the project implementation, we regularly monitor progress and adapt to any changes. Our experience shows that flexibility and openness to changes during the session often lead to the best results and surprising outcomes.

Step three – Postproduction and Archivisation

This stage is as crucial as the photography process itself because it’s where your photos are refined to perfection and secured for the future. During the post-production phase, our team of specialists utilizes advanced editing techniques using programs like Photoshop or Capture One Pro. This includes color correction, white balance, contrast adjustment, as well as professional and natural retouching. We regularly consult with you throughout the entire post-production process. After the editing is completed, all photos are carefully archived. We ensure that your materials are securely stored and easily accessible for a period of 1 year from the date of project completion. We utilize reliable solutions such as Wetransfer Pro, using cloud storage options, providing you with easy access to photos wherever and whenever you need them. Our collaboration doesn’t end here – we always eagerly follow the fate of our photos and look forward to future collaborations.

What types of photographic projects do we undertake?

Commercial Photography

At Bind up Photo, we specialize in creating a strong and compelling brand image through professional commercial photography. We understand the importance of communicating the key values of your company. Our goal is to create a visual narrative that not only captures attention but also builds an emotional connection with the audience.

Business Photography

A strong personal brand is key to success in today’s competitive business world. Therefore, we offer specialized business photography services aimed at supporting conscious brand building – both for individual professionals and companies focusing on employer branding. This personalized approach allows us to create images that not only look professional but also reflect the true essence of your business identity. We want your business photos to be not just a business card but also a tool that helps you stand out and build a strong market position.

Event Photography

It’s not just about documenting events but primarily a powerful tool in shaping the visual communication of a company. Our event photography services aim to create cohesive and thoughtful images for use in both social media and offline communication. When working on an event photography project, we place a strong emphasis on the human factor related to trust in the photographer. This means that we value the interaction of the person being photographed with the photographer, as well as understanding the key needs of the event organizer in terms of their vision and intentions. This understanding is essential to create photographic material suitable for the final publication in media or press materials.

Where will we execute your photographic project?

Choosing the right location for a commercial, business, or event photography project is as important as the content of the message itself. The location where the session takes place can significantly impact the reception and final outcome of the photos. Here’s an overview of the options we offer to our clients to turn their visions into reality.

Photographic Studio:

A controlled environment providing ideal lighting and exposure conditions. Perfect for portrait, product, business, or images requiring precise control over every aspect of the frame.

Business and Corporate Spaces:

For business photography, offices, conference rooms, or other corporate spaces are ideal for creating a professional image. In this case, it’s always necessary to check the possibilities of the location in advance.

Interior Spaces:

Restaurants, hotels, designer interiors that can serve as backgrounds for stylized photo shoots. These interiors add elegance and character to the photos but usually involve additional costs related to renting the space.

Brand or Product-Associated Locations:

Locations closely related to the brand or product, such as factories, stores, design studios, which can be used to create an authentic and consistent brand image.

Events and Parties:

Locations where events take place, such as event halls, concert venues, exhibition spaces.

Outdoor Locations:

Outdoor places like parks, urban landscapes, beaches, or mountains can add natural charm and originality to photos.

Mobile Photographic Studio:

The ability to create a temporary photographic studio at the chosen location, providing flexibility and convenience for the client.

Step one – Planning and Pre-production

We want to understand your needs and base the entire process on collaboration, so we work together on scripts, questionnaires, equipment selection, locations, and casting. This will make the entire video production process enjoyable and efficient.

Pre-production phase includes:

Film strategy and goals
Budget and scope of work
Project schedule
Script creation
Production team/equipment needs
Location scouting

To identify all these elements, a series of meetings with the client may be necessary.

Step two – Production

Meetings done, preparations complete. Now it’s time to have some fun! The production phase is where all interviews and footage are recorded. It’s the part where the story starts to come to life. If you have specific visions, ideas, or visualizations you want to incorporate into the final product, make sure you’ve clearly communicated them to us before the production phase ends.

Production phase includes:

Setting up sound/lighting/camera equipment
Conducting interviews
Recording voiceovers (if needed for the project)
Capturing b-roll (additional footage used to support the story).

We recommend having the key person on-site so they can act as a liaison between the project manager and your brand.

Step three – Post-production and Delivery

After the production phase, the project manager and editor start their work. In the post-production phase, the video production team will begin the process of organizing, planning, and editing the actual video material. The project manager will carefully review all the footage, then assemble the story, and the video editor will work their magic to bring all the elements together.

Post-production phase includes:

Video editing and creating the final version of the film
Sound design and special effects, color grading, VFX
Final delivery of the finished video material in appropriate formats 16;9/9;16

Our video production team will handle all the details related to bringing the project to life. This process requires time and creativity. So, sit back, relax, and wait for the magic to happen.

Final delivery:

Once the film is finalized and approved, it’s time to export it to the final format. If you plan to use the video on a specific platform (or platforms), remember to inform us about it. All platforms (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) have slightly different specifications for optimal playback.

How We Like to Get Things Done?

Creating great content should be as simple and painless as possible for our clients. That’s why we strive to refine our processes to the maximum, ensuring transparency and communicating like warm, cheerful (and slightly quirky) people that we are. We understand that our clients are busy individuals – our task is to make their lives easier, not burden them with more work.

Of course, making money is important to us; it means we can continue doing what gets us out of bed in the morning. But we always make it clear where your budget is going. No sneaking around, no hidden costs. We don’t believe in sneaky fine print – we like big, bold, and honest conversations.


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