Photo Session on Linked In, can it help you find jobs?

We live in a visual culture. Today, what we have to say is not enough. It is also important to present oneself well. Attitude and a good energy that has a positive effect on our wellbeing also play an important role. When looking for tools to help us find a job, we naturally turn to social media.

Harness the power of LinkedIn and the skills of business photographers.

Each of us is special, unique and unrepeatable. And a photo taken by a professional photographer will help to highlight certain qualities that are valued on the job market. A professional business session on LinkedIn is first and foremost an investment in yourself, and it also brings with it many other benefits:

● will help you reach a large audience,

● will get employers and headhunters interested in you,

● will increase the chance of support from others and sharing your entry,

● will become your business card and a place that focuses the business part of your life

The greater the interest, the greater the chance of a job.

If you are looking for a job, it makes sense to be visible and engaged on social media. A great tool for job searching and promoting your skills is LinkedIn.

With the help of a professional business photographer:, you will show your best side to future employers and ensure that your network is expanded. You will create your personal branding, which is indispensable in the business world. Check out examples of professional business sessions and decide which session is best for you.

Client: Katarzyna Blichewicz

Production: Bind up Photo

Datei: Lipiec 2020