Great atmosphere at the event, good photos are a must

A great atmosphere certainly accompanied the participants of the spring SEPHORA SWAP PARTY, which was organised on the occasion of World Earth Day 2022. We had the pleasure of realising this event from a photographic angle.

Bright colours, play of light and movement …

The photographer creates the atmosphere, the ambience and in a way guides and animates the photos. At Bind up Photo we accompany the participants of meetings and events, through our involvement in creating the best possible atmosphere, after all, not everyone likes to be photographed 🙂 From the background, we catch natural situations, small nuances and emotions.

Natural joy is not only a pleasant photographic subject, but also the hallmark of many successful meetings. During an event, the photographer plays the most important role. Photographs that reflect a positive atmosphere must not be gloomy and dim. The atmosphere visible in them must correspond to the emotions of the participants in order to create a coherent composition as a whole.

When photographing events, it is important to choose the right means and composition and to animate people in such a way that the effect visible in the photograph conveys the good energy and emotions of the event. It is also worth recording the movement, gestures or facial expressions of people during the meeting. All of this is important in the final version of the photographs handed over to the client. At the same time, attention should be paid to those objects and elements of the surroundings which are iconic or visual keys to the event.

Take a look at our work …

Client: Sephora Polska

Production: Bind up Photo

Date: Maj 2022