We handle everything related to photoshoot sessions – from planning, taking photos, to photo retouching.

Photography projects

For us, photography is a universal way to connect with people. For you, it may be an opportunity to evoke authentic experiences connecting a product or service with its audience through appropriate shots. Perhaps you aim to build your company’s business communication or create your own business image through photos? Or maybe you prefer to document your company’s unique events? Choose the category that interests you regarding photographic projects below.

Fotografia Komercyjna / Bind up Photo

Commercial Photography


We present a specific, compelling, and vivid brand image based on its emotional and functional values, addressing the needs through appropriate photographic and film shots.

Fotografia Biznesowa / Bind up Photo

Business Photography


We support conscious personal brand building. Bind Up Photo production company creates a professional image of a person representing a specific value in the market or a brand for which they work.

Fotografia Eventowa / Bind up Photo

Event Photography


We shape the visual communication of a company or individual both in social media and offline by combining visual elements to create the atmosphere and vision of the brand or individual, using photography and film.