Our mission..

We don’t actually have some sort of fancy, great vision of how we want to change the world (yet). However, we have nevertheless made it our goal to establish partnerships in the development of the film and photography industry. We are committed to good and efficient communication with our customers. We have also wondered, how we would like to pass to you our values… Let’s just say it how it actually is…

We collaborate and cooperate to make things that actually look and sound good for you and your target group.

Who are we?

We connect together a high culture of work, engagement and creativity. We also create a society, where no one judges others, where all ideas are welcomed. To start creating it’s worthy to build a relationship and trust. And trusting strangers is really hard, so here you can check out our photos.

Portrait Photographer / Project Manager

Portrait / reportage photographer

Portrait / reportage photographer

Portrait / reportage photographer

Camera operator / editor

Camera operator / editor

Get in touch with us

We would love to connect to people, who actually care about their business image and create valuable communication in social media. They fully identify with the brand or company, which they are working for, and consciously create content and future experience – brand awareness.  

Have you thought lately about a photo/business session? Or maybe about creating an AD video? Let’s talk about your future project and do it together.

phone: +48 692-606-847

e-mail: marketing@bindupphoto.pl

And since you came on this long journey until here, let’s tell you a secret

Behind the name of Bind up Photo isn’t standing some sort of big meaning. It’s just a wordplay, however, ”Photo” has a significant meaning for us, because it’s associated with creative communication.