Commitment always matters especially in photography.

Business meetings deserve professional documentation that can be published online, creating a positive brand image. Photography is one of the flagship ways of caring for image. Professional photographs influence the positive perception of a person, a company, a brand.

Composition, contrasts and play of light

There are a number of factors that ultimately build the atmosphere and quality of the photographs. Business photography requires a commitment to the person being photographed and a flair for exposure and choice of shooting location. It could be the vivid and expressive colours of the walls or the mosaic of the windows, building a beautiful warm atmosphere as in the photo below for the case study article for HCM Deck, or other qualities of the surroundings that do not get attention on a daily basis such as glazing, clearances and decorations. In such spaces it is very easy to build up a good, friendly atmosphere, which is particularly evident in the photos.

This allows us to fully convey the naturalness of the event, while appreciating the qualities of the client’s office space. See how we play with colour, perspective, contrasts and, above all, a pleasant and engaging atmosphere.

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Client: HCM DECK

Production: Bind up Photo

Date: Kwiecień 2022