Business photography, expectations vs reality …

Building a brand image with photographs is a staple of the modern world. In business photography, does reality always meet expectations?

Business session – communication is paramount

A business photo is the final result. In order for it to meet expectations, it is not enough to say “I’d like a good photo please”. Good communication between the photographer and the person being photographed enables expectations to be met. Particularly during business shoots, which by definition are intended to support professional goals. It is crucial to understand what the client needs the images for, what their plan and idea is in relation to the final chosen shots – for press/publication, or for a LinkedIn post, or perhaps corporate communications?

Portrait sessions must meet certain conditions:

● should have a clear message,

● should be consistent with the company’s philosophy or brand idea,

● are intended to be a representative image for potential clients or colleagues,

● encourage action

To keep reality in line with expectations – make yourself known!

Tell us what you expect and what effect you want to achieve. The purpose of the business session is very important, what emotions it should evoke and what business goals it should support. What you want it to encourage and be associated with. In this way, we will understand each other better and create an effect that is consistent with you and your professional goals. Please check out the professional examples in the photographer’s portfolio section:

Client: Pichet Search, Counsel Privacy Law