I had the pleasure of working with Rafał both on productions for clients of my PR agency and on large projects carried out for the highest offices in the country. In the first case, in cooperation with commercial companies (corporate sessions, product sessions, coverage of events), I really appreciate Rafał’s great flexibility, focus on customer needs, great sense of style and contact, which allows him not only to create a good atmosphere on the set, but also often convince the client to a solution that was not planned, but is better for him. I appreciate the feeling that I have a specialist and authority on board who cares for each brand as if it were his own.
However, Rafał’s great professionalism in cooperation with the most sensitive projects, VIP – I have worked with him many times, e.g. at large events at the Presidential Palace (2010-2015), where he was responsible for photo reports from events with the participation of the First Couple and stars (e.g. Christmas carol concerts at the Palace, November 11, etc.), which were then used by top life-style titles. This is work that requires a lot of intuition, tact, trust and the highest standards. I could always rely on his great photo coverage, but also instant reactions in post-production, authorization, proactive approach to media needs, etc.