Film productions ”Showreel”
a different kind of communication.

People’s communication with the world and with each other is constantly changing. Well-prepared videos are a kind of personal message to the recipient. They are supposed to evoke specific feelings, tell specific stories, and at the same time create bonds not only with the brand, but with specific people who represent the brand.

In video realizations, the border of communication moves and evolves. Everything that moves has a story, and thus draws the viewer in and is more personal. This applies primarily to short video forms, which can also be found more and more often on professional profiles. Is it then

is it worth investing in videos? It is a very individual matter which, willy-nilly, becomes an important and valuable communication medium.

Will videos take over the world?

Possibly. They are definitely still growing in popularity. And this happens for at least several reasons. Short, intriguing videos are an opportunity to:

● present yourself and your business,

● interest in your brand and gaining new customers,

● intrigue new users – and if it is high enough, the video can go viral.

Is this a sign that longer videos will be put aside?

Not necessarily! A recipient intrigued by the short content is likely to want more. It is not without reason that short videos are a frequent advertisement for training or online workshops and other types of marketing content.

See our video projects in a short showreel, duration 1:15 min/sec

Client: Bind up Photo

Material creator: Team Bind up Photo, Rafał Maciąga / Montaż,

Completion date: Maj 2022