Publications are an opportunity to build personal branding.

It has to be said that graphics are not very popular on LinkedIn. More important than logos or logos are the people behind a project, brand or company. Why is this so? It is other people who arouse our sympathy. Even the most beautiful graphics cannot change this.

Do corporate publications only have an effect with a photo?

A professional photo shoot not only influences image building. It is also crucial when it comes to branding a company. It ensures that news, corporate information, news stories and standard social media posts are accompanied by a photograph depicting a specific person and this leads to the establishment of a relationship.

Appropriate associations are built in the recipients.

Behind every company are the people who, through professional photographs, begin to associate the audience with the scope of their own activities. Therefore, photos from business shoots often become part of a larger whole, such as becoming an important part of a corporation’s communication. See how our client Alto, perfectly understands the power and reach of visual communication by publishing its employees and identifying them with its brand.

Sesja Biznesowa
Sesja Biznesowa

Clietn: Nazwa klienta

Production: Rafał Maciąga

Date: 2020